Electric Nostalgia: Cast And Crew Roundtable Interview

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electric Nostalgia

Last weekend the low key piece of sci-fi genre Electric Nostalgia sold out two showing at the deadCenter Film Festival and took home the award for Best Oklahoma Film. If you’ve been keeping up with the GoodTrash Media website, you’ll know we’ve been following the project over the last few months.  Needless to say, we’ve been very anxious to see the final product. After finally catching the film at its world premiere, the entire GoodTrash team is happy to report that the experience did not disappoint. Since catching the film Dustin has gone on to a great special edition of Eye Protein talking about some of the films spiritual ideas about the connection of the body/soul and we’ve given our initial thumbs up reviews on our day 1 wrap up.

Following the film’s release we had the opportunity to sit down with nearly the entire cast/crew of the project including writer/director Jacob Burns, producers Zach Burns and Vinnie Hogan, and stars Stephen GoodmanPage TudykCait Brasel, and Clinton Kubat to talk more about the production, inspirations, and experiences on the set of the film. 

This interview gave us the opportunity to talk more *spoilery* specifics about the story , filmmaking process, and challenges involved during the making the movie. Talking with everyone from the team gave a really strong sense for the uniquely warm atmosphere Planet Thunder created for on their set.

What are you waiting for?  Click play and listen to this exclusive interview with the cast and crew of the award winning Electric Nostalgia.


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