Back to the Movies #36 – Finding Dory

Finding Dory 2


We here at GoodTrash Media have a real soft spot for Pixar films. While our first GTM Pixar outing in our The Good Dinosaur review wasn’t exactly a huge success, most films from the studio have delivered some sort of life changing emotional catharsis. This week’s Back to the Movies has Arthur and I reviewing the sequel to Finding Nemo that nobody asked for before delving deep into our personal experiences with Pixar films.

Finding Dory takes us back to her childhood where we learn that she was born with short term memory loss and was separated from her parents at an infant age. She wandered the ocean on her own until eventually running into Marlin and embarking our their journey to find Nemo. After settling, Dory has a near death experience that awaken memories about the whereabouts of her parents. Dory insists on chasing her memory and finding out where she came from.

We talk a little bit about whether or not this film justifies its own existence before giving our brief review and recommendations. The real meat of the conversation lies in the spoiler section where Arthur and I talk about which of Pixar’s movie moments have moved us the most with references to Inside Out, Toy Story 3, Up, and Wall-e all being part of the conversation.


Introductions – :30

Finding Dory Review – 2:49

Recommendations – 25:34

*Spoilers* – 28:24

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