Back to the Movies #19 – The Witch

The Witch 2

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Prepare to be bewitched on this week’s Back to the Movies featuring special guest host, The Frightful Femme herself, Kirsten Therkelson in our review discussion of The Witch.  The film has been lauded by a number of critics ever since its Sundance 2015 debut and the internet just can’t stop talking about it. It brings a slow burn horror to the criminally underused setting of the precolonial 17th century by mixing myth with authentic vernacular. It’s got undeniable attention to detail in its script, sets, and costuming, but does it really deliver a compelling bit of horror?

After nearly twenty episodes, The Witch marks our first review of a horror movie and we’re all very excited. To break the ice, the gang talks a little bit about films that get under their skins. Whether it’s an eerie atmosphere, psychological mind games or surprising jump scares, everyone has a pressure point. This leads directly to the review where each host discusses whether or not this film left an impression.

Before heading into spoilers, Kirsten talks about the film’s portrayal of women’s roles in the time period. What exactly is the film getting at by putting women in such a competitive spot for attention despite family drama? Things get a bit analytical before heading into spoilers and Dalton chimes in with his reading of the film’s conclusion.

The VVitch Time Stamps

Review – 2:51

Recommendations – 33:53

*Spoilers* – 38:38

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