Back to the Movies #18 Deadpool

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Deadpool 2

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We’re undeniably in the age of superheroes when Valentine’s Day 2016 is ruled by former X-Men third-stringer Deadpool. This week’s Back to the Movies reviews the Merc with a Mouth’s long-awaited solo venture. After a couple of weeks away from the mic, Arthur Gordon returns to his chair as co-host along with returning guest Dalton Stuart of The People’s History of Film fame.

Before going deep into our review, we take a look at Deadpool’s runaway success at the box office. The film is brought in $152 million over the four day President’s day weekend and set the record for biggest R-rated opening. We love the unadulterated love for Wade Wilson, but what does it mean for the future of superhero movies?

After nearly a decade of being stuck in development hell, Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller were finally able to get their dream project off of the ground. Despite being a film dedicated to subverting the genre and viewer expectation, the film is still an origin story that’s mission is to introduce the masses to the self-aware Weapon-X reject. While being a beloved piece of pop culture, Deadpool has primarily featured as a supporting character. He’s got enough fun induced charm to liven up the scene, but carry his own film and bring us something new? There’s no arguing with the film’s charm and sense of humor, but the Back to the Movies gang takes a closer look at the film’s form and plot to determine whether or not this film is the breath of fresh minty air the superhero genre needs.

How exactly do these chimichangas taste? Tune in!

Chimichanga Time With Deadpool Timestamps

Box Office Chatter – 2:03

Review – 4:43

Recommendations – 33:50

*Spoilers* – 38:44

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