The Hidden Levels: E3 Reactions Special

E3 is the magical place where even the most absurd gaming announcements can be made a reality and 2015 has been no exception! The Hidden Levels has returned to discuss the high points from this year’s hottest press conferences from Bethesda, Sony, and Nintendo. Bethesda finally dropped the Fallout 4 bomb we’ve all been waiting for and we weigh in and decide whether or not the grand debut lived up to several years of hype.

Sonybrought back a couple of golden oldies with The Last Guardian and the long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake finally being revealed. The never fell short on games, but their first party support for 2015 seems a bit thin. Luckily they had a couple of new IPs like Horizon Zero Dawn and the illusive “Dreams” project from Media Molecule to blow our minds.

The big N decided to share all of their smashing suprises on Sunday which left anticipation for their digital event soaring through the roof. With the new WiiU Zelda project already ruled out, we talk about the suprising lack of Retro Studios or a proper Metroid. Despite being short on a triple A surprise unveiling, we discuss the better parts of their presentation including Mario Maker and some of Nintendo’s lesser known Japanese franchises like Yo-Kai Watch that didn’t get much screen time. And what’s the deal with the Zelda Triforce Heroes and Metroid Prime: Federation Force?

E3 is the superbowl of the gaming industry and we can’t wait to see what else is still in store for the rest of the show. Tune in and keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of The Hidden Levels for more E3 discussion.

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