The Cast Beyond the Wall: Mother’s Mercy

Mother's Mercy 2Season 5 of Game of Thrones came to a close with the season finale, “Mother’s Mercy,” and The Cast Beyond the Wall is here to discuss what amounted to one of the most action packed episodes of the entire series.

Following the ultimate sacrifice of Shireen, Stannis prepared to attack Winterfell. In what had been prophesied to be his defining moment, Stannis’s entire masterplan crumbled in mere moments. After being crushed by the Bolton army, he fled into the woods where he finally encountered the fan favorite Breinne of Tarth. Despite the slow build up, it looks like we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to learn the fate of the fallen Baratheon.

Elsewhere, our final trip to King’s Landing this year took us to an unusual place as we finally felt sympathy for Cersei Baratheon as she was “atoned” for her sins by making the demoralizing walk of shame to the Red Keep. Cersei is easily one of more villainess characters on the show, but watching the long walk was one of the most difficult scenes any of us have had to sit through.

Across the sea in Bravvos, Arya finally got some much needed traction to what has been one of her more uneventful stories. After crossing the despised Meryn Trant off of her death list, we try to make sense of seemingly omniscient powers of the Faceless Men. Afterwards, we head back to Mereen where Tyrion, Jorah and Daario make plans to find Daenerys back to the city. While her servants scrambled to find her whereabouts, the Mother of Dragons runs into some of her old season 1 Dothraki pals. We determine whether or not this return to an old plot line is really the best move for the fan favorite Queen of the Andals.

Game of Thrones left us on an especially distressing note this season as Jon Snow seems to have met a cruel fate at the hands of his own men of the Night’s Watch. It may seem like a pretty definite period to what has been a notably bleak season, but we all tune in with our own thoughts and theories about the ultimate fate of the famed bastard of Winterfell.

The extended episode was filled with cliffhangers and some of the biggest moments of the series so far and we’ve get each and every scene covered. Enjoy the show and make sure to stay tuned next week when we return for our Season 5 wrap-up before joining the Night’s Watch until next spring.

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