The Bells – The Cast Beyond the Wall #50

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Hello, lords and ladies of the realm! The Cast Beyond the Wall continues our recap and review of Game of Thrones season 8 with a look at the controversial penultimate episode of the series, “The Bells.” Host Caleb Masters is re-joined by co-hosts Austin Lucari and Daniel Stull to examine Daenerys Targaryen’s twisted turn of events with returning guest host, Laron Chapman.

Over 70 episodes and 8 years of television were leading to this moment, and for better or for worse, “The Bells” did not fail to leave audiences with the shock and awe Game of Thrones has become known for delivering over the years. Unlike other of the series most darkly iconic moments, this one felt more personal and spurred a debate that strikes at the heart of Game of Thrones fandom.

Caleb, Austin, Daniel, and guest Laron Chapman go deep and determine whether Sunday’s episode and closing of several storylines worked or was a betrayal of everything the series has promised so far.

The bloody battle led to a surprising closing of the gap in fantasy league points between Caleb and Austin.


Rank Team Points
1. Littlefinger’s Revenge Caleb Masters 1,610
2. King of Westeros Austin Lucari 1,445
3. Night King: Make Westeros Great Again Daniel Stull 930

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