The Last of the Starks – The Cast Beyond the Wall # 49

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NOTE: This podcast episode contains brief references to the sexual assault plotlines in Game of Thrones. Listener discretion is advised


Hello, lords and ladies of the realm! The Cast Beyond the Wall continues our recap and review of Game of Thrones season 8 with a look at the most polarizing episode of the final stretch yet, “The Last of the Starks.” Host Caleb Masters is re-joined by co-hosts Austin Lucari and Daniel Stull to look at the controversial episode with returning guest host, Alexandra Bohannon.

This transition episode is packed to the brim with scheming, plot twists, and the type of Game of Thrones fun we haven’t seen since the earlier seasons. “The Last of the Starks” attempts to take the show back to its roots while also racing full speed ahead to the show’s conclusion. The results are mixed at best, and it’s not just because Daenerys Targaryen likes her coffee extra strong. The episode brings back memories of the past in more than one way, and for many viewers, they weren’t the good memories. The cast discusses how the greatly accelerated pace is negatively impacting the final season and how some of the more frustrating scenes could be handled in more thoughtful and tasteful ways.

The discussion closes out with Caleb, Austin, Daniel, and Alexandra making final predictions for who will the battle and position themselves to take the Iron Throne.

As the pieces are moved into place for the final battle of the series, the Game of Thrones fantasy league continued to keep everyone (including Austin the two-time dragon murderer) on their toes.


Rank Team Points
1. Littlefinger’s Revenge Caleb Masters 1,380
2. King of Westeros Austin Lucari 880
3. Night King: Make Westeros Great Again Daniel Stull 750

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