Sound Trek Composer Spotlight: Dankmus

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Guest: Wade “Dankmus” Nixon

Youtube Video Composer

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Welcome back to Sound Trek’s new film composer spotlight interview series on The Cinematic Schematic! Each month hosts Alexandra Bohannon and Caleb Masters will sit down for a talk with a composer working in the entertainment industry to discuss the blood, sweat, and musical notes that go into creating the iconic themes and catchy tunes that accompany our favorite pieces of entertainment every day. This spotlight series will help listeners learn more about the lives and journeys of the composers behind the iconic themes we all know and love.

This month’s guest, Wade “Dankmus” Nixon, is an internet composer who has carved out a name for himself by creating his own unique sound through the sounds of the beloved animated program, The Simpsons on Youtube. Alexandra begins the interview by delving into the origins of his love for music and approach to remixing music.

Listen to the full conversation with Dankmus to hear about his life as a composer and journey into creating his own style of internet music by remixing The Simpsons.

Wade “Dankmus” Nixon’s channels

Dankmus on Youtube

Dankmus on Sound Cloud

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