Do Podcasts Dream of Electric Sheep? – The Cinematic Schematic #1

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Welcome to the debut episode of The Cinematic Schematic, the official podcast of The Cinematropolis. Each month, The Cinematic Schematic will deliver a multi-segment show covering different aspects of our monthly theme. As the title of the episode “Do Podcasts Dream of Electric Sheep,” hints, October 2017’s theme was robots, androids and AI in cinema.

To kick off the podcast, I join Laron Chapman for our film review and analysis segment, Silver Screen Soliloquies, to discuss Blade Runner (1982) and Blade Runner 2049. Will the new film live up to its predecessor and how exactly does it follow-up on the ideas of the original?

In the second segment, Alexandra Bohannon picks some of the finest film scores fitting into the theme for her first edition of Sound Trek. Her selections include songs from Terminator 2: Judgement DayMoon, and Ex Machina.

This month’s episode closes with a special interview with Rudderless and The Scent of Rain and Lightningwriter/producer, Casey Twenter. Casey talks about his experience learning as a screenwriter and getting films with high profile talent made in Oklahoma.

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