HR Break Room #13 – A New Leaf in Drug Screening Policies: Time for a Change?

Original HR Break Room episode can be found on Paycom’s Resources page


Guest Host:

Jim Reidy, Attorney at Sheehan Phinney

In the November 2016 election, eight of the nine states with marijuana-related decisions on the ballot voted to legalize the drug for medical and/or recreational purposes. And now that marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes in more than half the nation, tensions have emerged between the new laws and companies’ existing drug policies across the country. Workplaces are still trying to find the right strategy that protects their organization and allows them to remain attractive to prospective employees.

In this episode of HR Break Room, Caleb and Chelsea talk with attorney Jim Reidy about the challenges organizations face in updating their drug policies amid ambiguity in 2017.

In today’s HR Break Room, you will learn about:

  • the big questions organizations should be asking about drug screening and testing policies
  • the potential pitfalls of disciplining employees in states where marijuana has been legalized
  • the role HR and front-line managers play in communicating policy to employees and candidates alike

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