Announcing The Cinematropolis

I’m proud to announce that I beginning a new venture with Jacob and Zachary Burns from Planet Thunder Productions named The Cinematropolis, a website dedicated to exploring the depths of independent cinema with written and video essays, artist interviews and sneak peeks at upcoming independent films.

After years of working in film, Planet Thunder Productions has decided to take their passion for storytelling to the web with thoughtful analysis driven essays about the most inventive indie films being made today. At The Cinematropolis, you can expect nothing less than a wide variety of articles highlighting the most important classics, today’s trending indies and the very best films time has forgotten. The website is curated by Jacob Burns, Zachary Burns and myself and we are dedicated to bringing a thoughtful, analysis driven conversation about the imaginative stories and diverse independent voices working in the arts and film to your filmgoing experience every month. 

The Cinematropolis will serve as a home and platform for writers, filmmakers and content creators seeking to voice their analysis and readings on independent film. We hope you enjoy our first month featuring First Films by Great Directors. If you like what you read and would like to join The Cinematropolis community with essays of your own, please email me at


– Caleb Masters, editor-in-chief, The Cinematropolis 

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