Fleeting Light – Documenting A New View for Visually the Impaired

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Jacob Burns  – Fleeting Light Co-Director

Zachary Burns-Fleeting Light Co-Director 









The Cinematropolis co-founders and co-curators Jacob and Zachary Burns join The Cinematropolis Radio to talk about their first documentary, Fleeting Light.

A few words about Fleeting Light from the official synopsis:

A group of blind and visually impaired individuals prove that art is accessible to everyone when they are given the opportunity to take a photography class that will result in a gallery art show featuring their work. The film explores those who participated in the course, focusing not on the difficulties they experience because of their vision impairments, but what they do in spite of them.

In this talk, Jacob and Zachary discuss the origin of this film and how they took on the unique challenges of making a documentary based on the photography class for the visually impaired  Zachary was teaching for New View Oklahoma. They describe the overwhelming support of New View Oklahoma and bringing Planet Thunder’s very own spin to their first foray into documentary filmmaking.

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Fleeting Light deadCenter Schedule

World Premiere – Saturday, June 10 – 3:30 P.M. in “The Okie Not So Short Shorts” block 

Sunday – Sunday, June 11 – 7:30 P.M. in”The Okie Not So Short Shorts” block

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