Back to the Movies #38 – Swiss Army Man

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Swiss Army Man


This week’s Back to the Movies takes a break from all of the giant explosions, mutated turtles, and oversaturated CGI fantasy to look at a film that’s cut from a different cloth as we look at Swiss Army Man. In this week’s discussion, Arthur begins his sabbatical to a deserted island which put The Film Syllabus co-host Alexandra Bohannon back in the co-host’s chair. Also joining us to discuss the madness is friend of the show/local film producer Zachary Burns.

If you’re not familiar, Swiss Army Man is the story between a suicidal man named Hank (Paul Dano) and his friend Manny(Daniel Radcliffe) who just happens to be a corpse that washed up on shore. The two bond together as Hank tries to find his way home.

The movie is loaded from top to bottom with physical humor, fart jokes, and some pretty nonsensical plot movements, but after giving our initial reactions we try to decide if this movie is nearly as smart as it thinks it is by trying to look a bit further between the lines.

Is the absurdity worth your hard earned dollar? Tune in!


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