The Cast Beyond the Wall #31 – No One

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No One

This week’s Game of Thrones leaves us with a podcast divided as The Cast Beyond the Walldebates the vices of the latest episode, No One. As the season comes to a close, we begin to develop our initial reactions to the season as a whole and not everyone agrees with the direction or the pacing of the show has taken on. We’re joined again by Alexandra Bohannon of The GoodTrash Genrecast and The Film Syllabus to discuss Arya’s rushed ending and Cersei’s unclear scheming.

This week’s episode saw the Hound return in true T-1000 form as he sought revenge for the death of his rescuer. It brought him back into the company of the Brotherhood without Banners. The Riverlands also featured the long awaited reunion of Jaime and Breinne. The romantic tension loom heavy, but the duo continue to stick to their respective duties which pits them against each other. Austin, Alex, and Austin get heated when discussing westerosi love triangles and the necessity of the events that unfolded.

Arya’s storyline has been pretty frustrating the last two seasons, but this episode marks the last straw for Caleb, Alex, and Austin, but Daniel sticks up for the progress that was made. With Arya heading back to Westeros, was her entire Braavosi adventure an entire waste of time? The gang also gets doubly frustrated Mereen’s abrupt wrap up.


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