The Cast Beyond the Wall #30 – The Broken Man

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Game of Thrones brought us yet another resurrection this week with the surprising return of fan favorite Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.  With Jon, Benjen, and and now our favorite chicken eating killer back, is it possible that Westeros is starting to feel a little bit too safe? The Cast Beyond the Wall investigates this phenomena along with the rest of the big reveals from this week’s episodeThe Broken Man. Austin, Daniel and I give our initial reactions before diving into our scene by scene recap.

This week was another great tablesetter that featured a little bit more of the classic Game of Thrones monologuing that’s been lacking in the breakneck pacing of the season so far. Margery proves that she’s got the High Sparrow handled in her own way and even sends Lady Olenna Tyrell back to High Garden. Further north, the Starks have apparently discovered a magical means of teleportation as they recruit what’s left of the northern houses. House Mormont steals the show, but will their 67 men really give Jon the push he needs to take down Ramsey?

After suffering from a couple of lame storylines, it looks like Jaime’s banishment from King’s Landing might be the most interesting thing to happen to him in seasons. He’s joined by Bronn as he’s forced to retake Riverrun from the legendary “Blackfish”. For those of you who may have forgotten, Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully, is Catelyn Stark’s Uncle who escaped the clutches of The Red Wedding. Jaime’s may be the biggest thing on the line, but the exchange is classic Game of Thrones.

The Broken Man continues building the momentum for what looks to be a truly climatic final three episode stretch. How do we feel heading into the final inning of season 6? Tune in and leave us a comment below!


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