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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 6 returned with a notably strong sophomore outing filled major coups, unexpected plot turns, and even  a little bit of Tyrion dragon whispering action. The Cast Beyond the Wall is back to recap, theorize, and analyze the scene by scene break down of of scene by scene betrayals.

This week marks the return of the majorly MIA Greyjoys. After being away from the action for years, it looks the House is back to sow some major storylines. What better way to mark the return of the “winner” of the War of the five kings than a good old fashion pirate mutiny. Austin chimes in with his thoughts on Balon’s mysterious brother and what it could mean for later in the season.

There are a number of cool moments including Jaime’s standoff with High Sparrow, but the really moving and shaking in this episode was happening in the North. In a shocking turn of events, Ramsey Bolton finally crossed the line and took out Roose. We try to decide how many of the Bolton’s numbered days are left. We also can’t wrap up the discussion without talking Bran’s newfound superpower to look into the past or Jon Snow’s awakening. What’s with messing with the hair?

What did you think of the closing moments, and will the Greyjoys finally make a major splash in Game of Thrones this year? Sound off in comments and we’ll read your thoughts on air next week!


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