The Cast Beyond the Wall #24 – The Red Woman

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The Red Woman

After nearly a year of waiting, Game of Thrones has returned to kick off season 6 with a nice bit of set up and a couple of surprising twists in The Red Woman. The Cast Beyond the Wall returns with your guide to all of the biggest moments of the episode followed by some fun theorizing and analysis looking at the meat and potatoes of what this episode is all about.

The Cast’s hosts Caleb Masters, Austin Lucari, and Daniel Stull are joined by Dalton Stuart of The GoodTrash Genrecast and The People’s History of Film to travel from the the water gardens of Dorne all the way to the furthest reaches of Mereen in this week’s recap.

The Red Woman serves more or less as a pretty standard Game of Throne premiere by checking in with most of the major players while also planting a few seeds for the bigger things yet to come. Showrunners DB. Weiss and David Benioff open with a sequence at the wall that removes any doubt the audience had. Jon Snow is dead. For now. Further south, Jaime and Cersei are reunited to mourn the loss of their daughter Myrcella at the hands of Ellaria Sand. Lena Headey steals the spotlight as the episode’s MVP in one of the character’s most vulnerable scenes to date.

To cap off the episode, our hosts talk about how this season seems to be pushing the ladies of Westeros to the forefront and the more optimistic tone when compared to the somewhat dour downtrodden tone of season 5.


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Game of Thrones S6Guest Introduction – 1:50

Review – 3:25

Tyrion and Varys in Mereen – 8:54

Arya in Braavos -24:04

Dorne – 26:17

Lannisters in King’s Landing – 32:58

Winterfell – 39:11

Davos and Melissandre At The Wall – 58:01

Closing Analysis – 1:16:56


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