Carol Littleton: Oklahoma Native, Living Legend

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Carol Littleton



How do you describe a film editor whose career spans decades? Who has worked with the biggest names in the industry? Interviewing Carol Littleton for GoodTrash Media was a complete honor, and I am thankful for the staff at deadCenter for honoring her service in the film industry by inviting her to the festival.

I sat in on the panel that Littleton was interviewed on. She described how she broke into making movies after receiving her English B.A. (like most of GoodTrash Media). She also talked about her experiences with working on E.T. with Stephen Spielberg and John Williams, working Bryan Cranston, and many more big names of past and present. Her genuine self shone through, as it was clear that she retained her Oklahoma Spirit, despite working with some of the film greats of our time.

Littleton also graciously granted me an interview after her panel. We discussed how it is being a woman in the male-dominated film industry, the best advice for people wanting to break into the film industry in crew, and how to be a better sound designer.

Also, it just so happened that Nick Sanford and Andrew MacDonald from the local indie feature The Harvesters were hanging out as well. Sanford regularly stated on the inaugural episode of The People’s History of Film how he is in love with E.T., as it is his favorite movie.

Both Sanford and MacDonald ask some excellent questions from the movie making perspective. Their questions gave keen insight into her editing processes and gave invaluable advice to up-and-coming film makers.

If you have any questions about Littleton and her experiences, we can release the raw audio file of a portion of the the panel. If you still cannot get enough film editing stories, check out a book she’s featured in entitled First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors edited/compiled by Gabrielle Oldham.


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