Back to the Movies #23 – Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Batman vs Superman- Dawn of Justice


Look out listeners because it’s verses week here on Back to the Movies. In our discussion of the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, host will be turned against host, fans turned against their heroes, and worst of all Ben Affleck’s chin will be forced take on Henry Cavill’s pecks in the most egregious way imaginable. To join us for the super hyped discussion are guests Dalton Stuart from The People’s History of Film and Dustin Sells of The Film Syllabus

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has proven to be one of the most polarizing films to hit the big screen in recent memory with critics panning it with a RT score of 29% and audiences responding warmly with a massive worldwide opening weekend of $424.1 million. Back to the Movies takes a look at some of the biggest question marks for audiences heading into the film including Ben Affleck’s performance, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, and the appearance of Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman.  There are a number of balls this film attempts to juggle, but does it mean the excess spell a doomed case of the bloated Spiderman 3 syndrome?

We won’t hide it, we’re all pretty big Batman and Superman fans on the podcast and this has been a film we’ve all been anxious to see. We spend some time talking about this film’s strengths, weaknesses, and inability to carry a clear narrative before deciding whether or not this film successfully sets up the planned spinoffs and the future of The Justice League. Tune in and sound off with your thoughts on Batman vs Superman in the comments below!


Wonder Woman

Batman vs Superman Review – 4:03

Recommendations – 37:38

*Spoilers* – 41:44

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