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Do you smell that listener? No, that’s not the scent of four leaf clovers or the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s just the rank stench of alcohol poisoning from your neighbor’s St. Patrick’s Day party.  Here in the US of A, we forget the actual accomplishments of good old Patrick in favor of a wee bit of unnaturally green beer. To celebrate the festivities, we’ve brought you the March edition of Finding the Good Trash featuring some of our favorite goodtrash Irish films.

Good Trash doesn’t mean bad movies and we’re looking at everything from drama to sci-fi in this month’s batch of lucky picks. Without further ado, here are five Irish-America recommendations to pair with your St.Patty’s Day beer.


Irish GoodTrash

If there was ever a GoodTrash film to kick off your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it’s got be Boondock Saints. There was a point in our lives when Norman Reedus was a no name B-lister and we were all still teenagers. Difficult to believe, I know. Grown men who hit those teen years in the late 90s and early 2000s are likely remember this guilty pleasure as the most quotable midnight watcher of all time. Despite the popularity, we all quickly realized this film was not good nor did it age well in the 17 years to follow. This doesn’t keep it from delivering a fun bit of zany Irish-American assassin logic. The film never goes much further than surface level, but there are really brilliant hints of Catholic-Irish influence on judgement and justice. Don’t believe me? Check this impressively insightful analysis from The GoodTrash Genrecast. Like just about every other film on this list, Boondock Saints has an undercurrent of spiritualism wrestling with the consequences of sin and evil deeds. Watching this movie is a great way to start things off in the shallow end of the pool before delving head first into denser material.



In Bruges

As the title suggest, the film isn’t set in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the magic touch. Written/directed by Irish Filmmaker Martin McDonough, In Bruges follows two assassins on the run from their former employer who’s out to right the wrongs of their last job gone wrong. If Boondock Saints is your low key Irish action film, In Bruges is your cerebral character drama examining those archetypes. It’s smart atmospheric, masterfully performed by the brilliant Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell, and arguably too good to be considered goodtrash. The film is so thoughtful that our very own GoodTrash Genrecast had a spirited Anit-Trash podcast  discussion way back in the glory days of studio-D. If you’re going for something higher brow this St. Patty’s Day, go In Bruges.



The Departed

No, it’s not a film about sailing up to Ireland, but that doesn’t mean The Departed  isn’t the greatest film about the Irish-American mob ever made. It’s one of the most suspenseful crime dramas of the 21st century that explores the ideas and values the Irish brought to modern day Boston. It’s got a killer cast and near flawless script exemplifying the the ideas and value the Irish brought to Boston. Guinness beer, bar fights, and some of the greatest hits from The Drop Kick Murphy’s. This film has it all!

*Psst* What’s that…..? It’s an adaptation of the film Infernal Affairs? Well…that’s not Irish, but I sure would love to hear GoodTrash elaborate more on the cultural differences between the two films.  If you’re looking for a crime drama and want to keep with the holiday spirit, you don’t get any better than The Departed.




There’s nothing more authentically St. Patrick’s Day in America than a film about an underdog earning his way into the Fighting Irish to play football. After all, we aren’t celebrating any of the the saint’s missionary work or even the stories of his legend. So why not wash down your last drink with a side of Sean Astin at playing the sports ball at Notre Dame? After the weight of In Bruges and The Departed, Rudy is the feel good movie you deserve before heading into our midnight pick.



Leprechaun In SpaceThis wouldn’t be a proper GoodTrash list without at least one sci-fi flick and there’s nothing more Irish-American sci-fi than Leprechaun  4: In Space. It stars Warwick Davis(not Irish) playing a sadistic leprechaun who goes beyond the black rainbow into space to court a magical space princess to steal her wealth. Just when the devious Leprechaun is about to tie the knot, his plan is crushed by the arrival of  space marines who shoot first and ask questions….well, never. In a stunning twist, one of the soldiers pisses on the leprechauns corpse and the demon’s spirit rides up the stream and possesses the offender’s manhood. Talk about finding the luck of the Irish! This film is every bit as bonkers as it sounds, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sci-fi b-movie featuring the four leafed-culture to end your day.

There you have it ladies, gentlemen, and lucky charm chasing individuals. If the existence of that last Leprechaun wasn’t enough to convince you to take a drink or two in celebration of this weirdly fo-holiday, we’re not sure what will…..except maybe this.

Leprechaun Gif

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  1. Nice post! Especially liked your review of In Bruges, that movie is so overlooked. I’m doing a review about it myself today, so any tips on how to make a review really good? 🙂

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