Back to the Movies Bonus – Anomalisa

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Anomilisa 2

Back to the Movies has returned with an extra special bonus episode to discuss Charlie Kaufman’s recent venture into stop motion animation, Anomalisa. The film stars a famed, lonely, and middle aged self help author, Michael Stone(David Thewlis) as he wanders around the city of Cincinnati looking for a taste of something or something new in life. Michael is beaten down by the mundanity of his own life and has lost his ability to connect with other people including his own wife and son. Everything changes when he hear’s the voice of Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who gives him a new hope for his life. 

Caleb is joined again by GoodTrash cohort Alexandra Bohannon to talk full spoilers aboutAnomalisa. They discuss the film’s decision to be animated before looking at the film’s portrayal of other people through the eyes of Michael Stone. The film looks amazing, but what exactly does the Anomilisa’s stop motion bring to the table. Is 2015’s gems really one of the best of the year? Tune in!

The Anomalisa Bonus Feature

Spoiler Review – 1:50

Recommendations – 32:55

Download Here

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