Back to the Movies #14 – The Revenant

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Leonardo DiCaprio has brought his A-game in his continued crusade against the academy with The Revenant. Before doing our full review, Back to the Movies talks Leo’s chances and our reactions to the 2016 Oscar nominations. The Revenant may have garnered an unprecedented 12 nominations, but GoodTrash Media favorite Mad Mad: Fury Road rides close behind with 10 of its own. Does George Miller stand a chance at winning an Oscar at 70 or does Iñárritu have his Birdman victory lap ain the bag? With The Martian and The Big Short bringing an even tighter competition, Caleb and Arthur throw in their early predictions for who is taking home the gold.

Last week was a rough time in pop culture after the loss of the Die Hard and Harry Potter star Alan Rickman. Back to the Movies takes pause to remember the impact and importance of Alan Rickman on their lives.

This week’s review is The Revenant from academy award winning writer/director Alejandro González Iñárritu. The film follows Hugh(Leonardo DiCaprio) as he seeks revenge on John Fitzgerald(Tom Hardy) for killing his son and leaving him for dead. The film has Leo performing some of the most difficult acting any performer could ever dream of including fishing in ice water, eating raw bison, and sleeping inside a gutted horse. Iñárritu hasn’t pulled a single punch when it comes to authenticity, but does it really make for a great film? Arthur and Caleb their opinions on whether or not bleeding for an art actually makes great art.

What else is there to say? Tune in to hear our full thoughts!

The Revenant – Leo vs The Academy

News – 2:59

  • Alan Rickman
  • Avengers: Infinity War will have 67 Marvel Characters

Oscar Predictions – 14:10

The Revenant Review – 38:08

Recommendations – 57:04

*Spoilers -59:05*

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