The Cast Beyond Carcosa: Night Finds You (Episode 2)

Night Finds You 2

If the first episode of True Detective season 2 was setting the scene, its sophomore episode is definitely putting things into full motion. “Night Finds You” puts our detectives to work as they quickly discover that the case of Caspere’s death isn’t business as usual. The episode feels significantly more comfortable than the opener and even ends with a bang unlike anything we saw in season 1.

Frank takes things front and center when we learn that he had trusted his entire fortune to Caspere, who never deposited his money with the Catalyst holdings company. After receiving some key information from Ray, Frank goes out and does an investigation of his own by utilizing all of his underworld connections to find a lead.

Meanwhile, Ray and Ani begin to investigate the case together in an uneasy partnership that slowly began to warm on us by the end of the episode. They trace his money through a shady California therapist who seems to be up to no good and eventually learn that Caspere was drawn to young prostitutes that lead to underworld connections.

Finally, the pieces all come together when Frank lays his cards on the table for a reluctant Ray when he discovers that Caspere has a second home in the Hollywood area. This all leads to the shocking death of Ray, who is taken down by a shotgun toting Birdman. It’s sad to see Colin Farrell’s stellar performance get the boot, but we can’t help but to speculate what this will mean for the case.

Tune into the latest episode of The Cast Beyond Carcosa below for our thoughts on all this and more, and enjoy!

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