I’ve got a long history as a writer but have more recently began producing podcasts featuring in depth analysis discussion of some of the biggest hits in TV and Film like Game of Thrones and The Strain. More recently I launched a podcast talking trends in the video game industry named The Hidden Levels.

Cast Beyond GOT
In The Cast Beyond the Wall, I am joined by co-hosts Austin Lucari and Daniel Stull to review, analyze, and discuss each episode of Season 4 of Game of Thrones. It’s the most pop culture laced Game of Thrones podcast discussion you’ll find on the world wide interwebs.


Hidden Levels-1
The Hidden Levels is a podcast dedicated to video games and the games industry. Hosted by writer/producer Caleb Masters and fellow gamers Austin Lucari and Tyler Johnson. Hidden Levels is dedicated to taking a closer look at the hottest trends shaping how we interact with video games. The hosts also discuss the news of the week and what they’ve been playing to keep their fix in check


The Cast Inside The Strain
In The Cast Inside the Strain I am joined by college professor, fellow podcaster, and vampire enthusiast Dustin Sells to review and discuss each episode of The Strain.


This very early experimental podcast was a movie review show where I was joined by co-hosts Daniel Stull and Alan “Bama” Rodgers to review Netflix movies. It was an early show so production isn’t quite up to snuff with my later podcasts

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