About Me

My name is Caleb Masters and I am an online writer, podcaster and video producer who specializes in producing content related to film, video games and TV. I love bringing insightful analysis to the pop culture we all love to talk about via fun and engaging content.

In my five+ years of experience, more than a hundred of my film reviews have been published in both print and online media outlets. This includes three local Oklahoma print publications such as my freelance contributions to the Oklahoma Gazette and Staff Entertainment work for The Moore Monthly / TheMooreDaily.com. In addition, I have previously served as a regular film critic and TV recapper for Renegade Cinema. My written work has most recently been read online on the pop culture mega-website Screen Rant and my own web-venture with Planet Thunder Productions, The Cinematropolis. I am also an active member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle. 

In addition to writing, I also produce podcasts full time. For more than three years I have produced a wide variety of podcasts in various industries. After producing multiple seasons of my Game of Thrones podcast, The Cast Beyond the Wall, for We Got This Covered and more than sixty weekly film review episodes of the Back To The Movies podcast at GoodTrash Media, I joined Paycom’s marketing team as a Webinar and Podcast Producer where I launched the HR Break Room podcast in January 2017. Since our launch, we have established ourselves as leaders in the HR podcast space by bringing in more than 20,000 downloads and an estimated four hundred subscribers over our first 20 episodes. I continue to serve as the host and producer for each episode.

I’ve worked as a Video Producer both full-time and freelance with clients including The City of Moore and The Last Frontier Council in my role as Video Producer for Trifecta Communications. More related to my passion for Entertainment, I rebranded a movie review series titled “Cinemaniacs” for The Moore Daily in the fall of 2013. I wrote, produced, and co-hosted each of the 16 episode web-series.

If you want to know more about what I do or what I’m all about, look no further than this robust online portfolio I’ve put together.

-Caleb Masters

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