The Cinematropolis deadCenter 2019 Closing Recap

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After an entire weekend full of movies, parties, and reunions at the 2019 deadCenter Film Festival followed by a week full of film reviews and interviews here at The Cinematropolis, our special deadCenter coverage comes to a close with a festival recap discussion between our entire festival team, Jo Light, Daniel Bokemper, Christopher Shultz, and myself.

Each of us discusses our favorite feature films, short films, documentaries, and experience at this year’s festival. To add to the recap, we also ponder the possibilities of bringing Uwe Boll to screen his own version of Postal and whether or not Ed and Lorraine Warren were con artists.

To close out the festival, we’d like to send thanks out to the deadCenter staff including Lance McDaniel, Sara Thompson, Alyx Picard, and Kevin Ely along with Sunrise Tippeconnie, Krystal Yosef, Stephen Tyler, and the other phenomenal volunteers who continue to make this festival happen. We can’t wait to see what the team comes up with for deadCenter’s 20th in 2020!

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