And Now Our Watch Has Ended – The Cast Beyond the Wall Series Finale

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Hello, lords and ladies of the realm! After six years, dozens of guest hosts, and more than 50 episodes, The Cast Beyond the Wall concludes our recap and review of Game of Thrones. Host Caleb Masters is re-joined by co-hosts Austin Lucari and Daniel Stull to take a look back at their journeys to the podcast, their closing thoughts on the final season, and reflect on what it all really means.

Endings are hard, but we hope we’ve left you with one you’ll enjoy and remember most fondly. Tune in to hear us take a stroll down memory lane and try and make sense of eight years of the most exciting, compelling, frustrating, and ultimately, all around thought consuming television.

We would like to give a special thanks to our hosts and partners at GoodTrash Media and We Got This Covered in addition to our recurring guest hosts over the years including Ben Friend, Dalton Stuart, Drew Ruiz, Lanie James, Mark Pickens, Jessica Martin, Sam Woolf, Laron Chapman, Alexandra Bohannon, Ryan Siggers, Jacob Burns, Kirsten Therkelson, Kris Tobin and Beth Lucari. Most importantly, THANK YOU to our thousands of recurring listeners who have supported the show over the years to make the ongoing production of The Cast Beyond the Wall possible. Being your watchers on the wall was great fun and a terrific honor. 

And now our watch has ended. 


1. Littlefinger’s Revenge – Caleb Masters 1,815
2. King of Westeros –  Austin Lucari 1,760
3. Night King: Make Westeros Great Again  – Daniel Stull 1,325

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