The Halloween 2018 Special – The Cinematic Schematic #9

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Trick ‘r’ treat listeners! In this month’s edition of The Cinematic Schematic celebrating the horror movie season, we’re stepping into the suburban American town of Haddonfield, IL to review David Gordon Green’s Michal Myers revival film, Halloween. Laron Chapman and The Cinematropolis essay contributor Christopher Shultz join me to discuss whether or not this is a great sequel and how well it holds up against the rest of the franchise.

Read Christopher’s recent essay on the underrated Halloween H20 “In Defense of Halloween H20, One of the Franchises Best Sequels”

Alexandra Bohannon takes us closer to the heart of horror as she schools the show on some of the scariest film scores including tracks from The ExorcistPerfect Blue, and both Suspiria films. Alexandra also announces her exciting new interview series with film, TV, and video game composers that will kick off next month!

The show closes with part 2 of our ongoing audio diary interview series with the minds behind Shifter (two of The Cinematropolis co-founders), Jacob and Zachary Burns. We discuss the challenges they faced in the filmmaking process when they did not meet their full Indie Go Go goal, how they determined the locations for filming, the final casting choices, and the steps they are taking as they ramp up into production next month. If you want to be a part of the making of a bold new time travel film, consider contributing to the Shifter Indie Go Go at SHIFTERFILM.COM.

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Time Stamps

1:57 – Spoiler-free review of Halloween (2018)

34:30 – Spoiler-filled Halloween analysis

50:38 – ‘Sound Trek’ with Alexandra Bohannon – Horror Film Scores

138: 58 – Shifter Audio Diary #2 – Location scouting, casting, and starting production

This month’s ‘Sound Trek’ selections

“Tubular Bells”– The Exorcist

“Angel of Love”– Perfect Blue

“Mima’s Theme” – Perfect Blue

“Nightmare”– Perfect Blue

“Main Theme”– Suspiria (1977)

“Open Again”– Suspiria (2018)

“Volk”– Suspiria(2018)

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