Ready Player March: An Evening with K.W. Jeter – The Cinematic Schematic #5

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Time Stamps

2:05 – ‘Sound Trek’ with Alexandra Bohannon – The best of Spielberg directed/produced scores

56:24 – A talk with K.W. Jeter, author of the Blade Runner novel sequels.

The Cinematic Schematic closes out our March theme by celebrating the road to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One with a special episode of ‘Sound Trek’ from Alexandra Bohannon selecting some of the most unique and memorable pieces from his directed or produced films.

In the second half of today’s show, Caleb and Alexandra were honored to sit down with legendary science fiction and fantasy author, K.W. Jeter, at Tower Theatre to discuss how he approached writing the novel sequels to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner before delving into his relationship with the iconic author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Philip K. Dick.  K.W. Jeter shares powerful stories of his experiences as a writer and also offers a few tips to writers who are just getting started.

The third and final part of this month’s episode, an in-depth review and analysis of Ready Player One will be released next week.

Special Guest

K.W. Jeter

Science Fiction / Fantasy Author of:

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy

Star Trek: Bloodletter


This month’s ‘Sound Trek’ selections

Raiders of the Lost Ark – “Raiders March”

Back to the Future – “Back to the Future Overture”

Back to the Future – “Clock Tower”

Ready Player One – “Ready Player One Main Title”

Ready Player One – “Oasis”

Huey Lewis and the News – “The Power of Love”

Recommended Reading

Blade Runner

Becoming Human: What Blade Runner Reveals About Humanity Through AI

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