Guillermo Del Toro’s Fairytales: Monsters or Misunderstood Myths? – The Cinematic Schematic #3

***Today’s episode was recorded on three completely different setups in three different locations. Audio quality between each segment may vary.

Time Stamps

2:04 – The Shape of Water Spoiler-Free Review

21:40 – The Shape of Water Spoilers

42:40 – “Sound Trek” featuring Godzilla 1954 and more with Alexandra Bohannon

124:40 – Special Pan’s Labyrinth post-screening panel discussion from The Tower Theatre

The Cinematic Schematic closes out our December theme of “Misunderstood Movie Monsters” with a Guillermo Del Toro monster themed episode that includes a special panel discussion talking Pan’s Labyrinth, our review/analysis of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water with Laron Chapmanand the latest edition of Sound Trek from Alexandra Bohannon featuring the score from one of Japan’s most iconic monsters.

This month’s “Sound Trek” takes a trip into the supernatural, the realm of Japanese sci-fi and into the alien invasion genre. Links to all of Alexandra’s selections can be found below.

We close with a special conversation discussing Pan’s Labyrinth with The Oklahoman‘s culture writer and member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, Nathan Poppe, Oklahoma filmmaker Rogelio Almeida Jr, and Christopher Shultz from Lit Reactor and the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle. The panel discussion took place after a screening of Pan’s Labyrinth at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City.


December’s Special Guests – Pan’s Labyrinth Tower Theatre Panelist


Rogelio Almeida Jr.

OKC Filmmaker

Okla Cine Latino Film Festival Coordinator

Twitter: @RogelioAlmeida1



Nathan Poppe

Culture Writer at The Oklahoman

Oklahoma Film Critic’s Circle Member

Twitter: @NathanPoppe


Christopher Shultz

Dark Fiction Author / Writer at Lit Reactor

Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Member 

Twitter: @chris_shultz81


Alexandra’s Sound Trek Selections

Nosferatu opening piece

Godzilla (1954) – “Main Theme”

Godzilla Track 22 – “Ending”

Arrival Track 19 – “Rise”

Arrival – “On Nature of Daylight”


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