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The Cinematic Schematic returns with another special episode featuring a brand new segment called CINEMA SHOWDOWN where a host drills a panel made up of experts with opposing opinions about a newly released film.

The first edition of CINEMA SHOWDOWN is hosted and produced by Caleb Haldane from Red Six to Golden Corral. Haldane was not a fan of Star WarsThe Last Jedi and has a few questions for people who loved the movie. In his review of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars movie, Haldane called the film “a disappoint that was practically trolling the audience.”

On the other side of the table is Caleb Masters and other fans of the movie. In his Cinematic Schematic review of The Last Jedi, Masters called the film “the best Star Wars movie we’ve seen since The Empire Strikes Back.”

Joining the Calebs are comic book enthusiast and podcaster extraordinaire Vinton Bayne from Common Room Radio’s Excelsior podcast and filmmaker/ co-host of The Cinematic Schematic‘s film score analysis segment, Sound Trek, Alexandra Bohannon. Vinton and Alexandra both loved The Last Jedi with varying opinions on how well it all worked.

In this conversation, Caleb Haldane grills the rest of the table with a few of his most burning questions about his deal-breaking issues with the film. Did this film betray the character of Luke Skywalker? Does Force Ghost Yoda completely break the fabric of the Star Wars Universe? Is Finn and Rose’s entire subplot completely pointless? Can bombs really drop in space? Caleb Haldane asks all of these questions and more on the first special edition of CINEMA SHOWDOWN on The Cinematic Schematic podcast.




Caleb Haldane – Podcaster, Host of RED SIX TO GOLDEN CORRAL – @CalebHaldane




Alexandra Bohannon – Filmmaker / Host of THE CINEMATIC SCHEMATIC  –@alexvbrohannon




Caleb Masters – Editor-in-chief of THE CINEMATROPOLIS / Host of THE CINEMATIC SCHEMATIC – @CMastersTalk




Vinton Bayne – Podcaster, Host of EXCELSIOR & READ BRAVE COMICS –@Flesheater






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