The Cast Beyond the Wall #42 – The Dragon and the Wolf

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Welcome back milords and ladies to The Cast Beyond the Wall! We return with another podcast dedicated to reviewing, analyzing and debating each episode of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. On this week’s Cast;  Austin, Daniel and I break down season 7, episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf” with guest host Alexandra Bohannon.

Game of Thrones season 7 has wrapped, our conversation is just getting started. In this extended episode, your hosts talk about all of the biggest moments including the largest gathering of main characters the show has ever seen in the dragon pits, the death of Petyr Baelish and the reveal confirming the long-theorized R+L=J fan theory.

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In this episode, Austin will also unveil the final results from the season 7 fantasy league.


Rank Team Points
1. We Do Not Sow Austin Lucari 745
2. The Dum Dum Stark Killers Caleb Masters 675
3. A Team has no name Daniel Stull 575
4. Lannister Memorial Fund 515
5. Hodor’s Hodor 385
6. #MakeWesterosGreatAgain 370
7. Dragonglass Union Lanie James 280
8. Cersei’s Grenades Alexandra Bohannon 205

Check out more details on the season 7 final scores


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