The Cast Beyond the Wall #38 – The Queen’s Justice

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The Queen's Justice


Welcome back milords and ladies to The Cast Beyond the Wall! We return with another podcast dedicated to reviewing, analyzing and debating each episode of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. On this week’s Cast; Caleb, Austin and Daniel break down season 7, episode 3, The Queen’s Justice.

In this episode of the podcast, your hosts are joined by the writer / director / producer of the upcoming film, You People to talk about the long awaited meeting of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. For more than six years, fans have eagerly awaited this moment, but the big question is, does it deliver?

As the end grows even closer to its inevitable conclusion, Game of Thrones has shifted into warp speed and started clearing the board of players who aren’t as necessary to the dragon on white walker end game. This week gave us not one, but two epic sieges along with the inevitable death of the fan favorite Queen of Thorns. In her final moments, she revealed to Jaimie that she was the one behind Joffrey’s murderer at the purple wedding.

We also answer listener questions and address the the news of HBO’s recent hack and how it could effect Game of Thrones.


Rank Team Points
1. A Team has no name Daniel Stull 335
2. Lannister Memorial Fund 310
3. We Do Not Sow Austin Lucari 275
4. Hodor’s Hodor 190
5. #MakeWesterosGreatAgain 180
6. The Dum Dum Stark Killers Caleb Masters 65
7. Cersei’s Grenades 65
8. Dragonglass Union 20

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