Introducing Paycom’s HR Break Room Podcast

Over the last several months I’ve been working on a project I’ve kept pretty quiet about online as it does not relate to my typical brand of pop culture content. Starting in September of 2016, I started working for the HR Tech company, Paycom, as a Podcast and Webinar Producer. After months of planning and coordinating with the Digital, IT and legal teams, I finally launched the company’s first podcast, HR Break Room. 

HR Break Room is podcast dedicated to bringing you interesting break room conversations with experts on the hot topics of HR and HR Technology, one cup of coffee at a time. The launch has been a big success and gotten some really strong traction early on so I could not be prouder of the project.

As my online portfolio and experience continues to develop, I may occasionally post non-pop culture related content because I want to share the very best work I’ve done. But don’t worry! My normal onslaught of film and game related content will continue to pour in through the months ahead.

Here are the four episodes of HR Break Room I’m proudest of since the January launch:

Episode 2 – Deploying the Challenges of Deploying HR Tech in 2017

Episode 4 – Equipping Employees For Success with On-Demand Training

Episode 6 – Leading the Millennial Generation with Technology

Episode 7 – Driving Engagement with Corporate Philanthropy


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