Back to the Movies #58 – Moonlight

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The month of prestige films continues on Back to the Movies as we take a look at the Golden Globe winner and eight time 2017 academy award nominated film, Moonlight. The film has received almost universal acclaim and gained pretty notable attention from the academy. It tells the coming of age story of a gay black man growing up in Miami. It plays as an incredibly personal, yet universal tale from writer/director Barry Jenkins. This week Caleb and Alex are joined again by guest host Laron Chapman to review the film and talk about its importance in this year’s Oscar race. Laron talks more about his upcoming film You People and how its may relate to Moonlight.

Before taking he plunge into Moonlight‘s reflective story, Caleb and Alex discuss this week’s announcements of the 2017 Oscar nominations. With La La Land being a favorite from other this year, do your hosts really think it deserves the gold? We discuss our reactions to the biggest surprises, nominations and upsets.


1:50 – Oscar Predictions

32:36 – Review

1:08:49 – Does it win best picture?

1:19:34 – Spoilers discussion

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