Back to the Movies #54 – Jackie

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In the latest episode of Back to the Movies, Caleb and Alex are taking a trip back in time to another dark American history in this week’s review of the film Jackie from director Pablo Larraín starring Natalie Portman.

Before we jump into our review and analysis of this historical biopic, we take a look at the recent Golden Globe nominations. We take a look at the especially strange year that’s pitting Deadpool against La La Land in the same category. We’re joined by recurring guest Zachary Burns from Planet Thunder to break down the nominees in the categories of Best Actor/Actress in a Drama/Musical, Best Animated Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Director.

The table is divided in our review of Jackie. Alex makes a case for the film as one of the most powerful of the year while Caleb finds the film to be a little less thrilling. Zachary also chimes in with a few of his other observations about the techniques used in the film to convey Jackie’s memories throughout the film. This review is packed with a number of nuanced critiques and analysis from everyone involved. Before moving into the show recommendations, the table discusses the film’s relevance and importance in 2016.

This review is a very spirited discussion to kick off what will undoubtably be a couple of months long award season discussion.


0:34– Introductions

2:47 – Golden Globe Nominee Reactions

26:06 – Jackie Review

52:20 – Recommendations

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