Interview: To The New Girl – 10 Monologues For Women

Welcome listeners to a special GoodTrash Genrecast interview with the Executive Producer of To the New Girl, Hunter Drago.  To the New Girl is a project that’s fully written, directed, and produced by women. The team is so passionate about showcasing women working in the entertainment industry, they’ve even built a crew fully staffed by ladies. To the New Girl is an adaptation of a play featuring ten monologues by women directly addressing their exes’ new wives and lovers. Each of the ten stories will feature a different director, each with their own style and vision.

It’s a project very near to the heart of GoodTrash Media’s support of women working in the industry and it needs your help to make it happen!  To The New Girl is raising money viaKickstarter until August 9 meaning we’ve only got one week left to to contribute to Hunter and the rest of the team hit their goal.

In our talk with Hunter, we discuss the shocking  underrepresentation of women on both sides of the camera before talking more about the project’s adaptation from the play. If you’re looking for ways to further progress representation in the film industry, this project is one you won’t want to pass up.

Make sure to give our talk with Hunter a listen and checking their Kickstarter page for more information!


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