Back to the Movies #40 – Ghostbusters

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This week’s Back to the Movies throws us back to 1980s nostalgia once again as we sit down to review the remake(?), reboot(?), redo(?) of Ghostbusters! Arthur was so excited about this movie that he actually decided to cancel his podcasting career and start busting those ghosts with the Funky Soul Retrievers. Instead, I’m joined again by Alexandra Bohannon from The GoodTrash Genrecast /  The Film Syllabus to discuss whether or not the all women led Ghostbusters delivers another classic.

We’re no strangers to the Ghostbusters here on GoodTrash Media. Back in the early days of the GoodTrash Genrecast, we even did a full analysis with guest Nick Sanford talking the marshmallow man and all. The original is no doubt a beloved classic by fans. So beloved, in fact, that there’s been a very vocal group of fans who have voiced their qualms with an all ladies cast.

In this episode, Alexandra and I discuss the importance of women representation on the big screen before getting to the nitty gritty about what does and does not work about the latest take on the Ghostbusters. Is it a remake, reboot, lega-sequel, or something else entirely?

Don’t miss our in depth review!

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