Back to the Movies #31- High Rise

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High Rise


We’re still in that space between spaces following Marvel’s 800 pound gorilla, Captain America: Civil War which means it’s time to look at the . Back to the Movies continues our trend of spring sleeper hits with director Ben Wheatley’s latest flick, High Rise. The cinema was a little short on new releases so this week so Caleb and Arthur decide to cheat and head back to the couch for the readily on demand film.

High Rise features a utopian society left completely encapsulated in one high rise building. The story features a number of eccentric characters played by some of your very favorite British performers including Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Moss, Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, and James Purefoy. The film features these characters and their reaction the slow and very naked collapse of society. The film uses striking imagery and relies on its strong performances to deliver some of the more compelling ideas of the film.

If you’re looking for something a little more low key, this is just the podcast review discussion for you!


High Rise High Rise Review – 4:16
Recommendations – 23:33

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