Back to the Moives#29 – Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War


Summer blockbuster season 2016 begins with a brutal battle between two of the biggest cinematic titans of the 21st century. No, we’re definitely not talking about Batman vs Superman. Instead, we’re taking a look at Captain America: Civil War. Like the break up of your favorite 90s boy band, it’s a vicious decay that’s simply too fun and scandalous to look away. Back to the Movies kicks off your summer movie discussion by reviewing the highly anticipated film before peeling back a few of its layers.

Captain America: Civil War is Marvel’s thirteenth film set in their own cinematic universe and at this point, it’s very reasonable to beg the question of whether or not they have the steam to continue producing quality films with these characters.

The film deals directly with the collateral damage caused by the Avengers following the battle against Ultron. The world’s leaders believe that someone has to keep our heroes in check in order to keep the world truly safe. After being confronted by an innocent death, Tony Stark decides to sign up to fight for the government, but Captain America just can’t compromise on his vision for fighting crime.

If Captain America: Winter Soldier is a film exploring American identity, Civil War is reflecting on the meaning of being a superhero. What’s doubly interesting in this superhero movie is that there really isn’t a bad guy, but rather two conflicting ideologies that simply can’t co-exist.

This is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year and we want to hear what you think. Who’s side did you end up on and why? Leave a comment below or post on our Facebook and Twitter pages

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Captain America: Civil WarReview – 4:26

Recommendations – 32:29

*Spoilers* – 36:33


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