Back To The Movies #21- 10 Cloverfield Lane

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10 Cloverfield Lane 2

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We may not have a giant Kaiju but this week’s episode of Back to the Movies packs a mean Godzilla sized punch in our review of 2016’s biggest surprise release, 10 Cloverfield Lane. It may not have much in common with its predecessor, but that doesn’t stop us from talking shaky cam films, 2008 memories, or spiderweb wall conspiracy theories.

We’re joined by Dalton Stuart of The People’s History of Film to talk our reactions to 2008’s Cloverfield before delving into our reviews and recommendations of its spiritual successor. In order to keep you spoiler free and ripe for the filmgoing experience, we keep our initial review on a tight lockdown of any real plot points.

10 Cloverfield Lane stayed under tight wraps at Bad Robot Productions under the code nameValencia based on a script titled The Cellar before being officially announced January 15 of this year. The film’s shocking announcement less than 2 months before its release was an anomaly that has been the talk of the internet. Its minimalist viral marketing campaign and projected success could effectively make it the Beyonce of the 2016 film industry.

J.J. Abrams has run a tight shift as a producer by keeping all of this film’s secrets tightly under wraps. We don’t want to spoil any of the fun, but we’ll give you just enough to understand our reactions. After an accident, Howard (John Goodman) takes Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to his underground bunker and refuses to let her leave because of an incident that has occurred on the outside.

Directed by the relative unknown(and former co-host of the podcast The Totally Rad Show), Dan Trachtenberg, 10 Cloverfield Lane promises a “Twilight Zone” episode approach to telling a story loosely existing in the same universe as the original. How well do Bad Robot’s grand experiment and potential publicity stunt work out?

Head back to the movies with us to find out!


Remembering Cloverfield – 4:10

Review – 14:12

Recommendations – 30:50

*Spoilers* – 35:36

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