Back To The Movies #11 – Star Wars: The Review Awakens

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We wish you a very merry Back to the Movies Christmas by talking about Disney’s most anticipated gift of all time. That’s right, we’re jumping to hyperdrive to review Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this special edition of Back to the Movies, we’ll be jumping straight into spoilers from the very get-go. Don’t want to know more about Kylo Ren or BB-8? You’ve been warned.

Such a special movie review demands special guests, and this time we have three of them. Caleb is joined by the rest of The GoodTrash Media gang including Alexandra Bohannon, Dalton Stuart, and first-timer Dustin Sells. We break things down by talking about what we liked and what didn’t like and much to listener surprise, we’re not exactly in agreement.

Tune in and join the conversation after giving it us a listen. What was your favorite part of The Force Awakens? Who did you like the best? Was this really just a giant piece of fan service? We want to know!

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