Back To The Movies #8 : Spotlight V Superheroes

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Spotlight 2

In this week’s episode of Back to the Movies, we hop on the superhero hype train to discuss the recently released Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs Superman trailers. Marvel’s relentlessly successful superhero movie machine is making compelling competition for DC’s biggest posterboys in 2016, but in the end who will be the true box office victor? Arthur and Caleb give their impressions of each trailer before putting in their final predictions for the winner of the comic book movie Battle Royale.

Before reviewing this week’s movie Spotlight, the duo talk Mad Max: Fury Road‘s big win for picture of the year from The National Board of Review and the academy’s reluctance to accept genre films into its prestige categories. Caleb also takes a moment to discuss Kickstarter culture and the recent announcement of Patton Oswalt’s involvement in the resurrected Mystery Science Theater 3000.  

This week’s review discussion is covering the star studded prestige drama Spotlight starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, and Liev Schreiber. The film centers on the Boston Globe’s investigation into the mass cover up of sexual abuse from priests in the Catholic Church. Is it really worthy of Oscar talks or is this just another run of the mill drama.

News – 2:14

Batman vs Superman Trailer Talk –16:15

Spoiler Free Spotlight Review –  38:43 

*Spoilers start at 56:42*

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