Back To The Movies #3: A Spectre-cular Letdown

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Spectre 4


In this week’s Back to the Movies we review Daniel Craig’s fourth Bond outing Spectre featuring special guest host Alexandra Bohannon from our parent podcast, The Good Trash Genrecast. Spectre has the near impossible task of following up 2012’s spectacular outing Skyfall. With Sam Mendes back in the director’s chair and academy award winner Christoph Waltz set as Bond’s big bad, the movie has had an incredible amount of hype and anticipation. Caleb, Arthur, and Alex review their history with the Bond franchise before deciding whether or not this is the 007 trip to take to the movies.

Before covering Spectre in the latest MI:6 adventure, Arthur and Caleb talk about the latest news on 2016’s trip back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Lastly, the duo pick their favorite front runners for critical and box office success leading into the holiday season.

*Spoilers 52:49 – 1:05:57*

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