The Cast Beyond Carcosa: Omega Station (Episode 8)

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Omega Station

After a polarizing eight episode run, True Detective Season 2 has come to a close with the climactic finale, “Omega Station.” Now, The Cast Beyond Carcosa has returned one more time to discuss the unveiling of Caspere’s killer and the conclusions for all of our favorite anti-heroes.

After discovering Paul had been murdered, Ray and Ani decide to make one last run at the case before throwing in the towel and fleeing for survival. Ray concludes out of nowhere that Caspere’s secretary Laura must somehow be related to the girl from the jewelry store photo we saw a few episodes back, which leads him to her home.

The chill set photographer we met briefly in episode two was actually her brother, bloodthirsty for revenge on everyone tied to the Vinci conspiracy. It wasn’t exactly the slickest reveal True Detective has ever worked up, and Dalton and I were none too pleased in our discussion of the underwhelming revelation everyone saw coming.

Despite flopping on its core mystery, “Omega Station” delivered a few exceptional endings for each of our characters. Unlike Rust Cohle’s bittersweet “the light is winning,” these characters faced fates far less redemptive. Ani manages to get out unscathed, but both Ray and Frank are beaten by their better demons.

Ray’s undying love for his son go the better of him in a moment of weakness when he sought to see Chad’s face one last time. His schoolyard detour ended up having him taken down by Vinci’s own private Seal Team Six while Frank was taken out into the desert by his understated rival Mexican Gang. Luckily, both of our so called heroes had one last moment to shine in their takedown of Osip’s gang.

This season of True Detective wasn’t nearly as beloved as last year’s Emmy favorite, and The Cast Beyond Carcosa does one final assessment of our misadventures in Vinci before closing the book on Nic Pizzolatto’s sophomore outing. What do we think now that the dust has finally settled? Tune in and find out!

Enjoy the show!

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