The Cast Beyond Carcosa: Church in Ruins (Episode 6)

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Church in Ruin

Welcome back for another episode of The Cast Beyond Carcosa!
This week’s True Detective pulled back the curtain on some of the season’s biggest mysteries so far. “Church in Ruins” took us into the depth of California corruption by having Ani go undercover into one of “those” parties attended by the rich and the powerful, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on it all.

The episode also brought Ray’s custody battle for his son Chad to a climax as the character finally decided to throw in the towel in one of this season’s most heartbreaking scenes yet. He’s got no son and he’s hellbent on revenge, which makes him a loose canon, former cop without a purpose.


Elsewhere, Frank continues his hunt for the truth as he attempts to track down the girl who sold Caspere’s watch to the Mexican drug runners. Before being double crossed by the rival gang, Frank had one of the best scenes of the series so far with an honest heart to heart one of his late henchmen’s boys. It’s a touching moment that works to make up for of the story’s rough patches earlier this season.

We’ve only got two weeks left before all of the mysteries are revealed, but in our conspiracy corner, Dalton and I start tacking strings to cork board as we make our final predictions for the last two episodes. Trust us, this is one conversation that you won’t want to miss.

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