The Cast Beyond the Wall : Sons of the Harpy

Sons of the Harpy

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was season 5’s most action-packed installment yet, thanks to the rise of the Faith Militant and the growing threat of the Sons of the Harpy. Joining us in our in-depth discussion of the events that took place is We Got This Covered writer Sam Woolf, who has some of his own interesting theories and reactions to this week’s shocking cliffhanger.

In case you missed it, “Sons of the Harpy” ramped up the events in King’s Landing when Cersei decided to arm the Faith Militant and name the High Sparrow the High Septon of the realm. She taunted Margery by having the Sparrows arrest Loras Tyrell for crimes against the gods and left the newly crowned King Tommen to pick up the pieces.

While all hell broke lose in the capital, Jamie and Bronn landed in Dorne and continued their suicide rescue mission for Princess Myrcella. The Dornish storyline also brought us our first look at Oberyn’s bastards, known as the Sand Snakes, and we try to decide if they live up to his legend.

In northern Westeros, Jon Snow survived Melissandre’s first seduction attempt while Stannis finally revealed the softer side of his hardened heart. He continues to be one of the most controversial characters on the show and we weigh in on the merit of his methods, intentions and recently discovered love for his daughter.

Finally, we round out this week’s exciting discussion by talking about the climactic skirmish between Greyworm, Barristan Selmy and a band of harpies that had us clamoring for more. Will Barristan pull out of the battle in one piece, or have we seen the last of the greatest living night in Westeros? Tune into the latest episode of The Cast Beyond The Wall to find out!

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