The Cast Beyond the Wall: Game of Thrones Season 5 Preview

Season 5 Preview Discussion

We’ve spent months surviving the long winter, but with Game of Thrones only a few days away now, the time to return has finally come! The Cast Beyond the Wall has re-emerged alongside the White Walker army to lead the charge on all discussions concerning season 5 of HBO’s hit fantasy show.

With each installment, we analyze, debate, and share our thoughts on the biggest events of each week’s new episode. In our first outing of the year, we remember the greatness of Season 4 before delving into our most anticipated stories of the 2015 season. Austin talks a little bit about his failed attempts to go into Season 5 totally spoiler-free before Daniel and Caleb eventually take things into darker territories for the final segment of the show.

Who rises to power and who do they step on along the way? We cast our predictions on every story from the Sansa and Littlefinger’s team up to Jon Snow’s difficulty in choosing an alliance with either Stannis Baratheon or Mance Raynor. With Tywin and Tyrion out of the picture, does House Lannister even stand a chance against the Tyrells? Is this the season Daenerys finally makes a move on Westeros? Tune into our full pre-Season 5 discussion to hear all of our predictions.

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