The Cast Beyond the Wall: Breaker of Chains Review

Breaker of Chains

In this week’s review discussion Caleb, Daniel, and Austin are joined by guest host Ben Friend to discuss the adrenaline filled follow up to the purple wedding.

We talk the hugely controversial Jaime and Cercei scene that’s had the whole internet buzzing and get hyper analytical to discuss Game of Thrones treatment of women and misogyny. Now that characters like Littlefinger is back in play Ben and Austin take another jab at solving the great mystery of Joffrey’s assassin. Last but certainly not the least we all gauk at Daenerys brilliant startegy to take on the slave filled city of Mereen.

Is Tywin the man to follow? Is there any hope to redeem Stannis Baratheon? Is Game of Thrones channeling the Star Wars prequels with its inclusion of the Iron bank? Tune in to hear our full discussion and answers to all your submitted question in this week’s The Cast Beyond the Wall!

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